• The official language spoken in Vietnam is Vietnamese and English is predominantly the second language. Particularly the older generation from Southern Vietnam, use French as their second language; however English is increasingly used as a secondary language alongside or in place of French.
  • The education system in Vietnam is mostly state controlled, however a few privately run institutions also exist.
  • Tourism approximately contributes 7,5% to the GDP. The majority of the visitors originate from Asia followed by Europeans, Americans and Australians.
  • The most visited regions are Ho Chi Minh City followed by the capital, Hanoi and Ha Long Bay. All three cities are amongst the top 100 most visited cities in the world. Vietnam prides itself by displaying eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In 2018 Hoi An was ranked amongst the world’s top 15 best destinations to visit.
  •  The Vietnamese landscape is bedazzling, stunning and without a doubt it is a destination that offers many inspiring adventures. In Vietnam you can discover an amazing untouched countryside of the Mekong Delta, inconceivable limestone rock formations in Ha Long Bay and mountainous outcrops in northern Vietnam. Vietnam is transforming with new up-market hotels, shopping arcades, sky scrapers and fine dining restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City, charming Hanoi and the luxury designer beach resorts of Hoi An.
  • Vietnam is a country of contrasts, where something catches your eye around every corner. The Vietnamese people are always positive, emitting a warm sense of welcoming hospitality with an inquiring mind and smiling friendliness.