• Thailand has approximately 69.8 inhabitants (August 2020) which is equivalent to 0.9% of the global population.
  • Tourism contributes 20.2% towards Thailand’s GDP (World Tourism Organization in 2013). Asian tourists primarily visit Bangkok and the historical, natural and cultural sites. Western tourists mainly visit Bangkok, travel towards the Southern beaches and the islands. To accommodate the great influx of tourism, a tourist police has been set up in major touristic areas.
  • Thailand is the most visited destination in S. E. Asia, as it demonstrates a highly developed infrastructure and service level, enabling Thailand to adequately present a huge diversity of landscape, cultural sites and activities.
  • Every traveler feels at home here, whatever their desire or need. Enjoy trekking in an unmapped jungle or seek adventure tours in N. Thailand, while the beach-lovers can pleasure themselves with island hopping amongst the many beautiful islands in the Thailand Gulf and/or the Andaman Sea.